5G launch in India: PM Modi’s breakthrough idea from India Mobile Congress 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 5G services in India at the India Mobile Congress 2022. While the fifth-generation 5G or high-speed Internet stole the spotlight, a groundbreaking idea from Prime Minister Modi went unnoticed or attracted less attention, probably because it was done towards the end of his speech. Although the common man may not have noticed, prominent businessmen from the telecom sector such as Mukesh Ambani, Sunil Bharti Mittal and Kumar Manglam Birla listened carefully to Prime Minister Modi’s idea.

Speaking about his experience regarding the IMC 2022 exhibition, Prime Minister Modi said that if the telecom players want to, they can take MSMEs with them on their journey ahead. PM Modi said: “Something else went through my mind (while inspecting the exhibition). I thought that just like there are many different types of cars from different brands and each one has its specialty. But those who provide spare parts for these different car brands come from MSME sector.This factory of the same MSME makes spare parts for six types of vehicles and supplies the product with minor improvements.From your conversations, it occurred to me that today you install/make the small parts/hardware as well.If the SMB sector gets work to make these small parts/hardware it will create a huge ecosystem I am not a trader I have nothing to do with money but I understand it will cut costs all at once This is the power of our SME sector and you can only use it to provide services by adding software etc. I understand that all of you will have to work together and only then can we bring costs down.”

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Experts said that if the telecom players strengthen their partnership with the MSMEs, it will be a win-win situation not only for these players, but also for the economy as it will result in job creation and a boost to production.

MSMEs are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that provide their services in the service sector or in the production, processing, production and warehousing of goods. MSMEs contribute about 27 percent to India’s GDP and the government’s goal is to increase the sector’s contribution to 50 percent.

According to the CII, of the 633.88 lakh MSMEs, 324.88 lakh MSMEs (51.25%) are in rural areas and 309 lakh MSMEs (48.75%) are in urban areas. The SME sector provides direct or indirect employment to about 12 crore people and thus plays a vital role in keeping the economy going. A boost for the sector will therefore also be groundbreaking for the country.

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