A veteran professor was fired from the American university. Reason: He gave low marks

Veteran Professor Maitland Jones Jr. was fired from New York University, reports said. Well-known in the field of organic chemistry and the author of a widely used textbook on the subject, the professor taught at Princeton for many years and then at New York University.

When 82 of his 350 students filed a petition against him last spring, claiming that the grades the respected professor gave them were very low and they wouldn’t get admission because of the grades. In response, the 84-year-old professor said the reason for the low grades was that the students were skipping classes.

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Maitland Jones Jr. however, was fired from the university shortly after the start of the fall semester. Other university professors objected to the institution’s decision, but were not heard.

Maitland Jones Jr. and his research team has published 225 articles in more than 40 years. In 2017, Maitland Jones Jr. recognized as one of the “coolest” professors at New York University.

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