Actress Sheela Priya Seth Claims ‘Sajid Khan Said Your Breasts Are Not BIG Enough’!

New Delhi: Filmmaker Sajid Khan, who is currently in the Bigg Boss 16 house as a contestant, has been criticized outside for his participation in the show, in the wake of his 2017 MeToo accusations. After Sherlyn Chopra, now actress Sheela Priya has Seth claimed the filmmaker tried to make her uncomfortable with derogatory questions.

Talking to Jagran, the actress recalled the incident that happened in 2008. “I met each other for the first time director Sajid Khan in the year 2008. When I asked him to cast me in his upcoming project, but because of some of his antics I was surprised.”

“He kept looking at my genitals for about five minutes and said ‘you should have the surgery because your breasts are not big enough for Bollywood’. He even told me to use some oil to enlarge my breasts. And my breasts need to be massaged daily then only I can get work in Bollywood,” she added.

Many actresses and models came forward and raised their voices against Sajid, the younger brother of filmmaker Farah Khan during the 2018 MeToo movement in India. He has been charged with sexual assault, which includes flashing his private parts at parties, asking female actors to send him their nude photos as part of the casting process, and watching porn in front of women.

Sajid Khan has returned to make a rare appearance on Bigg Boss 16 after a 4-year hiatus.

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