Adipurush teaser controversy: Legal notice slammed on Om Raut for ‘Islamization’ of Ramayana, ‘apologise or face…’

Jaipur: The Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha on Thursday sent a message to Om Raut, the director of ‘Adipurush’ starring Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, requesting that controversial scenes be removed from the film within seven days or he will face legal action.

Attorney Kamlesh Sharma sent the notice on behalf of National President Sarva Brahmin Mahasabha Pt. Suresh Misra.

“The picture of Hindu gods and goddesses is done the wrong way in this video. In this film, Hindu gods and goddesses are shown in a very deformed form, dressed in leather clothes and they are seen speaking in an indecent manner. In fact, the film uses very low-level language that provokes and hurts religious feelings. There are dialogues and images spreading religious and caste hatred in the film. Ramayana is our history and our spirit, but in Adipurush Lord Hanuman is depicted as a Mughal,” the report reads.

“What Hindu wears a beard without a mustache that Lord Hanumanji showed.” This movie is a complete Islamization of Ramayana and of Lord Ram, Maa Sita, Lord Hanuman. Even Saif Ali Khan who used the . plays role of Ravana in the appearance of the Adipurush movie such as Taimur and Khilji. The film is going to spread hatred among a certain class by stirring up religious feelings in the country. This image is widely published over the internet, which is completely harmful to our society and our country. “You are making a film that hurts the feelings of millions of Hindus,” the message read.

“You are requested not to play with people’s feelings, not to stigmatize people’s beliefs and to portray the film as it is depicted in Ramayana and RamcharitManas”.

Therefore, by sending a legal notice, you are requested to remove all dialogue artwork by publicly apologizing within seven days for the above actions, otherwise legal action will be taken, the notice states.

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