‘Adipurush’ Teaser: Fans Upset Over Bad VFX, Calls It A ‘Rs 500 Crore Temple Run’

Mumbai:The highly anticipated teaser of the Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan starrer ‘Adipurush’ was recently unveiled in Ayodhya, in line with the movie theme of the Ramayan. While the teaser has managed to create a buzz around the film, the cost at which this happened is something the creators could be concerned about. The teaser of the film is mercilessly dragged through the netizens on social media.

The makers of ‘Adipurush’, directed by Om Raut, spent a fortune on the visual effects. The film was reportedly made on a budget of over INR 400 crores, most of which was spent on the VFX, but it seems that the output is far from what the public expected.

People on the internet are venting their anger after being disappointed by the VFX. The teaser has sparked a memefest on Twitter and Instagram as the memers have a field day. One user wrote on the internet: “Hiring Vfx Artist from Team `Oh My Friend Ganesha (sic).”

A lot of people called it a “Pogo” movie because of its cartoonish look, and many people called it Prabhas because he didn’t improve his fitness and used body enhancement through computer graphics. One Twitter user wrote: “700 cr Temple Run (smiling emojis).”

Another writes: “Exclusive: #Adipurush satellite rights packed by the POGO channel”. “#disappointed with #Adipurush trailer. Only a director like Rajamouli can do justice and portray Shri Ram as Hindus would like. Everyone else wants to make money from the name Shri Ram. Besides, I don’t want to watch (sic).”

There are also some true fans, who want the creators to rework the graphics and save the film from impending doom when it releases in 2023. One such user wrote on Instagram: “Hope they delay the release by a year and I hope some boy from Red Chillies VFX (Shah Rukh Khan owned VFX studio) or Prime Focus (again a renowned VFX- studio) bless them by getting on board and at least watching this horror on a big screen).

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