Adivi Sesh becomes the only Telugu actor with three films on the IMDb Top 25 list!

New Delhi: The most powerful tool for an actor is his popularity among the masses. At a time when movies are struggling at the box office, Adivi Sesh has left a mark on having 3 of his movies made the top 25 on IMDB! The three films starring Adivi, namely ‘Kshanam’, ‘Evaru’ and ‘Major’, have performed exceptionally well at BO and have also received huge critical acclaim. They cemented his position as an actor who can get audiences to the cinemas and also perform as expected. The main highlight is that ‘Major’ has done well in the Northern Market, which is a huge achievement for an actor with his roots in the Telugu industry.

Sesh’s versatility as an actor is definitely something to look forward to. In ‘Kshanam’ we have seen him play Rishi, a San Francisco investment banker who comes to India to help Shweta, his ex-girlfriend, find her kidnapped child. ‘Evaru’ shows him a sub-inspector, Vikram Vasudev, who is in charge of investigating the murder of a senior officer who was murdered by his alleged rape victim. And last but certainly not least ‘Major’, in which he shows how the real-life hero Sandeep Unnikrishnan fought fearlessly against the terrorists at the Taj Hotel during the attacks of 26/11.

After all these critically acclaimed hits, he’s all set to make a comeback with the Oscar-winning film remake, not only that, but this is going to be a pan-Indian release. Seeing his past projects, we can only wait and see what he has in store for the future.

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