Ahoi Ashtami Fast 2022: what to eat and what not?

Ahoy Ashtami Fast 2022: Nothing compares to the bond between mother and child. It’s eternal. Ahoi Ashtami is all about celebrating this special bond between mother and child. On this auspicious day, the mother fasts from morning until nightfall and prays for the good health of her children. The festival is celebrated to strengthen the bond.

Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated this year on Monday 17 October. The festival is celebrated four days after Karwa Chauth and eight days before Diwali.

After seeing the stars in the nights and arguing against them seven times, the fast is broken. It is believed to be one of the most difficult fasts as women are not allowed to eat anything while fasting.

Ahoi Ashtami Fast 2022: what to eat?

Puri: The number of Puris must be equal to the number of family members.

Chana: Black grams are baked to add flavor and a bit of spice.

Halwa: This is included for the sweet portion of Thali.

Sugarcane: It is a prominent bhog, especially in the rural areas.

Singhara: This is a fruit that is offered to the goddess.

Ahoi Ashtami Fast 2022: what not to eat

Non-veg Food: If you are a non-veg aficionado and love to eat chicken and mutton, then you should curb your appetite on the day of Ashtami.

Alcohol: It is strictly prohibited.

Onions and Garlic: According to Hinduism, onions and garlic should not be consumed on any pious day.

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