Akasa Air starts flights in Delhi tomorrow; Here’s what to expect?

Akasa Air, India’s newest airline, launched two months ago and is expanding its flight network. The latest addition to the network is the national capital, Delhi. The airline will inaugurate its Delhi flight operations from tomorrow, October 7. They now operate 30 daily flights and with the addition of Delhi to the network, they will cover multiple metro cities in India. According to Praveen Iyer, co-founder and chief commercial officer of the airline, the company’s network is growing steadily and additional locations are being connected. It should be noted that the airline currently has a fleet of 6 aircraft handling its operations. The newest Indian airline expects to expand its fleet to 18 aircraft by March 2023. In addition, reports suggest that the airline has plans to start international operations once the fleet is complete.

Days after Jhunjhunwala’s death on August 17, Dube stated that the airline is well capitalized and its growth is secure with the financial opportunity to place an order for more aircraft. With the death of famed investor Jhunjhuwala, whose support alone would have boosted the country’s newest airline, the company’s future course will be under close scrutiny.

The CEO of Akasa Air expressed his gratitude on Thursday for the government’s Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS) and noted the importance of the government’s continued recognition of the airline industry.

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“We just hope that government support extends to airline startups as well. Airline startups operate in the same difficult environment… We’ll be more than happy to get any kind of government support… I don’t know what’s on the table. So I can’t work it out,” he said. On airline tickets, Dube said the airline is looking at the affordability of airline tickets over a much longer time horizon, and “our view is that we will have a high degree of focus on infrastructure.” At the moment, the airline has a total of about 800 employees and about 175 people are added every month.

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