Apple will have to CHANGE its conventional ‘lightning gate’ from 2024 after THIS approval; Check details

New Delhi: Apple’s next series of iPhone 15 likely won’t have the conventional lightning-port cable charger to comply with new European Union rules. The company will have to introduce standard USB-C charging ports for its iPhones from the fall of 2024. The Parliament of the European Union approved a single charger reform on October 4 that would require tech companies to offer common charging ports for their devices from the fall of 2024.

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Under the new rules, tech companies are not allowed to make devices with their specific and exclusive charging stations and chargers. For example, Apple using its special lightning port charger. They must follow the standard and compatible common charger such as USB-C connectors for their devices. The deal also covers e-readers, earbuds and other technologies, meaning it could also have an impact on Samsung, Huawei and other device makers, analysts said.

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However, there is a two-year exemption for the charging ports for laptops. The companies must change this for their devices from 2026.

The measure is intended to reduce e-waste. While smartphone users around the world may be happy with this decision, as it’s easier to carry and use a single charger instead of investing and traveling with multiple chargers for multiple devices, Apple may need to make a big shift. because it’s the only major smartphone maker in the world that doesn’t use USB-C ports.

In addition to the European Union, India is also considering imposing new regulations that will force tech giants to have a standard universal charger, including USB-C, as early as 2024, according to a report from La Monnaie. Europe and India are important markets for Apple and the move to adopt a ‘common port’ will certainly affect a wide range of devices.

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