Australia sees widespread flooding in many parts | Videos

Reportedly, about 500 houses have been flooded while another 500 are isolated due to torrential rains in cities in southeastern Australia, including the coastal capital of Melbourne, which is home to about five million people. Officials have reportedly issued evacuation orders in the affected areas.

In the state of Victoria, regions are experiencing “very, very, significant rainfall and it comes naturally with the ground completely soaked,” said Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrews through AP news agency. The number of homes – hit by the floods – is expected to increase as more rain is expected in the coming week.

“The real challenge now is that we have another rain shower next week and the Bureau (of Meteorology) is forecasting more rain in the next six to eight weeks and not much additional water will be needed to prevent further flooding,” he added. Andrews. “So this is just getting started and it’s going to be with us for a while.”

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About 4,700 homes were without power and the state emergency service reported that it conducted 108 flood rescues in the past two days. About 20 people have died so far, according to reports. Service Commander Josh Gamble spoke about the unprecedented nature of the weather and how it has brought new challenges. “That’s pretty important and we haven’t had that many rescues in quite some time, in fact for several years,” Gamble said.

In the state of New South Wales, about 500 people have been isolated or evacuated from the town of Forbes, authorities said. Now that the river level is expected to rise, residents are moving to higher areas.

The Bureau of Meteorology stated in September that an above-average rainfall pattern in eastern Australia – La Nina – was to be expected. It’s a cooler flip side of the drying El Niño pattern. This year marks the third La Nina since 2019 became Australia’s driest and hottest year. Australia’s largest city, Sydney, recorded its wettest year on record last week, breaking the record set in 1950.

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