‘Bagged with two broken fingers’: India’s Jiu-Jitsu ace Siddharth Singh reveals how he won silver in Asian Continental

Ranked fourth in Asia and first in India, Siddharth Singh has achieved many milestones in recent times. The 36-year-old recently added another achievement to his bag of laurels when he took silver in the recent Asian Continental Championship. Exclusive to Hindustan Times, he made a shocking revelation that he fought in the tournament with two broken fingers.

Commenting on his silver medal, he said: “I am delighted to be the first Indian in history to win an Asian silver medal at the Asian Continental Jiu Jitsu Championships.”

The New Delhi native opened up about his preparations for the tournament despite announcing it at short notice. “Unfortunately on the second day of training camp I broke 2 of my fingers and because of this I was unable to train some positions, besides this injury made me rethink my training camp, a lot of my training required training while holding tennis balls to make sure that I wouldn’t accidentally grab something with my broken fingers. Another setback for me came 2 weeks before the tournament when I got a sprained ankle during training. But where I was lucky, I joined a short “training trip to Thailand Temple Jiu-Jitsu gym to train with Brazilian Black Belt Marcelo Tavares. That one week in Thailand gave me the opportunity to train with a world-class coach and to train with very high-level international training partners,” he said.

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The New Delhi native started his toughest fight in the tournament, declaring that he was up against a war-worn soldier from Colombia. He also revealed how he won the nerve-wracking match with 15 seconds left. “My most challenging fight was against an opponent from Colombia who is an active commando in the UAE army. He was a war tried soldier who had spent his life in war and combat and to make matters worse for me he had a walkover in the first round while having a tough fight in the first round with a UAE fighter that’s why I went into my second fight with a commando after already fighting 3 minutes before while the commando was fresh and ready to to go,” he said.

“I quickly understood that I had to slow down his attacks at the start of the fight, this would give me both an opportunity to catch my breath and I would also be able to plan my attacks more methodically. This worked and with 2 minutes to go I was laying ahead on points 3-2 I kept the lead and started to conserve my energy for the next fight but my energy saving plans were hit hard when with only 29 seconds left the referee decided to knock over my 2 points to make the one some bizarre and inexplicable reason and now I was 1-2 points behind.”

“With 29 seconds to go, I see the Indian fans in the crowd feeling down, confused and feeling like they have been robbed of a certain victory. I decided I would fight with everything I have to make sure that the injustice not allowed With 15 seconds to go, I found myself in the standing position with my opponent and I managed to secure my opponent’s collar, which I used to send him to the mat with the last ounce of energy and effort With him on the mat and me on top I had to get past his legs to secure the 2 points With 5 seconds to go with every last breath I had to push past my opponent’s legs and managed holding him for 3 seconds, winning the necessary points to secure the win.”

Siddharth also took bronze in the recent AJP Abu Dhabi Pro, which took place in September. He will strive to build on his momentum and add more medals to his impressive cabinet.

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