Bengaluru traffic lights to display red heart symbols; This is what it means?

Bengaluru traffic police have teamed up with Manipal Hospital to raise awareness about heart problems in the city. The city’s traffic police now uses traffic lights on roads to display heart symbols to encourage the city to turn into a ‘heart smart city’. It should be noted that the heart symbols appearing on traffic lights in the Bengaluru city of Karnataka surprised commuters and also became a buzz on social media. However, later the authorities clarified the true purpose of the light that it is dealing with cardiac emergencies and raising awareness among citizens.

In a statement, Jt CP Traffic R Gowda said: “Joined hands with Manipal hospitals to raise awareness about heart health issues using traffic signals. Banners and pamphlets will also be used. 20 nodes selected to show hearts between 15-25. ”

The Bengaluru Traffic Police and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike have set up heart-shaped traffic lights with Manipal Hospital to provide quick access to first aid and emergency medical care to people in case of cardiac arrest. Based on the information, 20 city nodes have been modified as part of the campaign being run on World Heart Day.

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In addition to the heart-shaped signals, the campaign also includes other initiatives to spread awareness. For example, audio messages are used to spread the information and QR codes are used to get emergency services instead of numbers to call for them. When scanned, the QR codes immediately connect a patient to an ambulance service and an emergency number. In particular, the action is being taken to provide assistance in the midst of a crisis.

World Heart Day is held to raise awareness about the value of maintaining heart health as the heart is one of the most vital organs for both removing waste products and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. Use Heart For Every Beat was the slogan of World Heart Day this year.

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