BIG festive bonanza! People of THESE states get groceries, including SUGAR at a subsidized rate; details here

New Delhi: For the economic well-being and support of the country’s citizens, many such programs are underway, the direct benefits of which are extended to remote villages outside the cities. For example, free or cheap rations for BPL cardholders and subsidized diesel for farmers.

Following on from this example, many welfare programs run on special or festive occasions for poor people to celebrate happiness with complete gratitude. Scroll on to learn more about the festive bonanza offered by the government this Diwali.

If you are also a ration card holder, there is good news for you. This time on Diwali, apart from the center, a great gift is given to the cardholders by the state government. Given the increased inflation across the country, the government has taken a drastic decision to cut sugar prices. From now on you only have to spend 20 rupees per kg on sugar.

Anyodaya cardholders benefit from this. You can get many items at subsidized rates, including wheat, rice, pulses, and sugar. The Maharashtra government has also decided to provide messages to the holders of the state ration card for Rs 100.

This one hundred rupee pack contains one kg of Rava (semolina), groundnuts, edible oil and yellow lentils. It has been said in the cabinet statement that there are 1.70 crore families in the state, who have the option of receipt cards. They are eligible to purchase food grains from state-run ration stores.

In addition, the national government has extended the option to give free rations until December.

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