Bigg Boss 16, Day 1 Written Updates: Archana Gets Feud With Nimrit, Bigg Boss Announces Rule Changes

New Delhi: It’s the first day of the new season of Bigg Boss and things seem to have warmed up a bit already. Nimrit gets into a fight with Archana. Gautam exchanges some harsh words with MC Stan. If the first episode has anything to offer, this season will provide full entertainment for the audience.

At the beginning of the episode, Bigg calls Boss Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik in the confessional, where he asks the filmmaker to become a translator for Abdu. Sajid Khan becomes the translator for Abdu Razik and also gives him a tour of the house. He also has some fun moments with the Tajikistan star.

Later, Abdu also gets his small microphone. At some point in the episode, MC Stan reveals why he changed his name from Altaf to Mc Stan and also does a rap for some members of the house.

Later, Bigg Boss speaks to all the contestants and makes it very clear that this season will be completely different from the others. His first big announcement comes when he says that from now on there will be no more wake-up songs in the morning and an alarm will be used instead.

Bigg Boss also unveils a new bigg boss hymn to be sung every morning by the contestants in the garden, and it’s the captain’s responsibility to make sure all contestants wake up and go to the yard to sing the Bigg . Boss song ‘Hum hai Bigg Boss ke Wasi’.

Tina and Nimrit talk about food rationing. Abdu talks about the struggles he experienced with Sajid in his youth. Contestants are given jokes and are asked to perform a task, such as Shaalin being called by someone who mimics Aamir Khan’s voice, and his task was to jump into the pool. Similarly, Gautam Vig gets a joke from someone doing the voice of Hrithik Roshan and is asked to play the steps of the song ‘kaho na pyaar hai’ in every big boss room.

Archana gets into a fight with Captain Nimrit about kitchen duties. Nimrit says she can change someone’s duty whenever she wants.

Tina gets a prank call and her job is to sing and dance with Abdu to a song in the garden. The prank call task gets interesting when Archana writes the word ‘Bekaar’ on Nimrit’s forehead, as the task she was given was to write that word on someone’s forehead, which she believes is Bekaar, or useless. Later Archana gets into a heated argument with Manya and calls her ‘Paagal’.

Bigg Boss calls Nimrit to the confessional and asks everyone to sit in the living room. Bigg Boss tells Nimrit that he keeps an eye on the captain of the house 24 hours a day and if he sees negligence on the part of that person, he will fire him or her. This is one of the biggest rule changes announced by the big boss.
MC Stan gets a call from Bigg Boss’ confessional where he teaches him some desi hip hop lines.

At the end of the episode, Gautam gets into an argument with MC Stan about Stan’s work duties. The show ends with tomorrow’s promo showing that Bigg Boss will also change the rules for nominations.

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