Bigg Boss 16, Day 2 Written Updates: Bigg Boss Changes Nomination Rules, Fight Breaks Out Between Gautam and Priyanka

New Delhi: It’s day 2 at the Bigg Boss house and things have taken quite a turn. The second episode featured rule changes and high voltage drama surrounding nominations and kitchen duties.

The morning starts with the participants gathering in the garden and singing the Bigg Boss song. Tina dutta has a nice chat with Abdu and asks him: “Can I go out with you? Can I be your girlfriend? You have great cheeks. I also love your smile. Abdu blushes and says in response: ‘You look cute looking’.

The talk of the day turns into the second day and Archana and nimrit again exchange words about kitchen-related tasks. After that exchange, Sajid asks Nimrit to make stronger decisions as captain. At a fun moment, Shalin throws Tumbul into the pool.

Later, Nimrit calls on Shiv to do Sajid Khan’s duties, to which he replies saying that he does so out of love for the filmmaker. Bigg Boss changes the rule of nominations and the contestants are asked to nominate their fellow candidates without giving any explanation (In previous seasons you had to give reasons to nominate someone).

Everyone participates in the process except Tina dutta, Manya Singh and Saundarya Sharma who refuse to nominate anyone. The nominees are Shiv, Archana, Mc Stan, Sajid, Gori and Gautam.

Bigg Boss punishes those three who did not participate in the nomination process and assigns them all household chores until his next order. Shalin gets a call from the big boss in the confessional room where he is asked why he nominated Sajid Khan, who he says doesn’t seem interested in the show.

Later, Gori Nagori goes to the confessional where the big boss tells her to get more involved in the show. Priyanka gets an ear from the big boss for giving everyone too much advice and needs to focus more on her game. Priyanka cries out after what the big boss told her. She hugs Ankit and says she can’t change her personality.

Tina and Manya have a heated argument about their chores. When Priyanka speaks out in favor of Manya Singh and informs Captain Nimrit that cleaning the basin is not part of her assigned duties, a fight breaks out between Gautam and Priyanka towards the end of the episode.

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