Bigg Boss 16, Day 3 Written Updates: Soundarya And Shiv Argue, Sajid Performs At Home

New Delhi: After the fight, the third day begins quietly. Shalin and Soundarya discuss last night’s fight involving Manya and Gautam. Since Soundarya only has the kitchen duties, she discusses the food to be cooked with other housemates. Priyanka interferes with Nimrit and Soundarya’s conversation and tells Soundarya to prepare whatever is convenient for her.

Manya says Nimrit is just playing games with her and also accuses Sumbul of dealing with her personally. Sajid and MC Stan have a nice moment with Abdu. Nimrit is called to the confessional where the big boss asks her to name the person she has been having trouble with since last night. She takes the name Priyanka and says she is unnecessarily interfering in someone’s situation and thus causing trouble.

Bigg Boss says that because Priyanka wants to help everyone, she will replace one of the three punished contestants (Tina, Manya and Soundarya). Nimrit takes the name Manya, which means that from now on Tina, Priyanka and Soundarya are the three people who will do the whole household. Nimrit comes out and explains what decision has been made, after which some words are exchanged between her and Priyanka.

Later, Bigg gives Boss Sajid Khan a task, which is to prepare a stand-up act about the contestants, and if he successfully manages it, he gets a special right. Sajid is given two hours to prepare his act.

Speaking to Archana, Manya says that everyone wants to be Siddharth and Shehnaz, pointing to the proximity of Sumbul and Shalin. Tina has a nice chat with Abdu and asks him ‘Would you like to take me out to dinner’ to which Abdu says ‘Okay’.

Later, Sajid does his stand-up act, in which he gives a funny introduction to each house member. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to rate the stand-up act and give him either a thumbs up (meaning you enjoyed the act) or a thumbs down (meaning you didn’t enjoy the act)

Except Shalin and Priyanka, everyone gives a thumbs up. Shalin says he didn’t like the act and Priyanka says it got a little too personal for her. Later, Sajid and Shahin get into a heated argument where Sajid asks Shahin why he gave him the thumbs down. The conversation ends with Sajid saying that from now on he will never joke about him again because he is too sensitive.

Bigg boss announces a new rule change and says from now on food will be individually rationed (each person has their own quota of food items that are put on the rack in their individual rooms). Bigg Boss grants the power or special right to Sajid to distribute the items.

Sajid gives Shahin six packs of chicken because he has a medical condition, but it becomes a problem. Shahin and Sreejita discuss chicken rationing where Shahin says he already had a discussion with the show’s creators about his diet and medical condition, and because he needs a certain level of protein, he needs chicken in his diet.

Sreejita, Shalin and Gautam’s are called to the confessional room where Bigg Boss clearly explains the whole situation about Shahin’s medical condition and says he only told the truth about his condition and says more chicken has come into the house than he requires.

At the end of the episode, a fight breaks out between Soundarya and Shiv over coffee. Later, Shiv apologizes to Soundarya. The episode ends with a promo showing that Tanzanian social media sensation Kili Paul will be making his way to the Bigg Boss house the following day.

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