Bigg Boss 16, Day 4 Written Updates: Kili Paul dances with contestants on ‘Tu cheez badi hai mast’, fight breaks out between MC Stan and Shiv Thakare

New Delhi: It’s day 4 at the big boss’s house and, as expected, things are starting to get a little interesting with forming new relationships and changing sides.

The episode begins with the contestants waking up from the alarm and singing the big boss’s anthem in the yard. Nimrit speaks out and defends her decision to replace Manya with Prayanka to do the household chores she had taken the day before. Gautam agrees with Nimrit’s points. Soundarya and Abdu have a nice moment where they both sing and dance.

Archana helps Soundarya cook. Bigg Boss says he has played the role of entertaining the show’s audience this season. He orders MC Stan and Abdu Rozik to have a music fight. Bigg Boss makes Sumbul, manager of MC Stan’s, and Shiv, manager of Abdu’s. The job for them is to get as many participants as possible to sign their respective artists’ NOC signs, and whoever wins gets a special right (i.e. the manager and the singer).

Kili Paul, a social media sensation from Tanzania, enters the house and makes roles with Mc Stan and Abdu. Abdu sings the song “Chota Bhaijaan” and dances with Kili Paul and makes a reel. After him, Kili makes a reel with MC Stan.

Kili Paul is having fun with the other members. He does do push ups with Shalin and later all members dance with Kili Paul to the song ‘Tu cheez hai Badi hai mast mast’ and then leave the house.

Sajid signs for MC Stan and makes a part with him. Priyanka signs for Abdu and makes a part with him. The process continues with each member, but in the end the pair of MC Stan and Sumbul win. Bigg Boss gives MC Stan and Sumbul the power to change participants’ beds and bedrooms until the lights go out, except for Nimrit, as she is the captain of the house.

Gautam and Nimrit discuss the loss of Abdu and say that he only lost because of Shiv. Manya and Soundarya have a heated argument over a bottle on the counter. Later, Manya apologizes to Soundarya.

Tina asks Shalin if something is brewing between him and Sumbul, to which he replies, saying no. Bigg Boss asks Shiv to apologize to Abdu as members think he was the main reason for his loss.

After this, MC Stan and Sumbul will announce the new living arrangements. In a conversation with Sajid, Shiv says that he feels that he is isolated in the house.

Later, MC Stan and Shiv get into a heated argument about Shiv making fun of the rapper. Sajid intervenes and tries to calm them down. The show ends with making up.

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