Bigg Boss 16 Day 46 updates: Sajid Khan becomes the new captain, Tina-Shalin gets mad at his decisions

New Delhi: The episode at the Bigg Boss house begins with the morning song. Gautam and Soundarya get into an argument while preparing breakfast, after which they leave without eating anything. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss asks all the roommates to come to the hall, but Shalin is late because of the shower and only comes in a towel. Bigg Boss praises him and says his extra protein is now visible.

Bigg Boss then announces that he’s lifted the ban on Shalin’s captaincy, suggesting Archana has also been given a chance to redeem himself, so why shouldn’t he.

Bigg Boss then talks about the captaincy. He asks everyone to discuss their woes with Sajid. Sajid will be the tourist who will choose two roommates for a home visit. These two people will be able to oust three people from the captaincy race. The person left at the end becomes the new captain. Housemates discuss in groups how the game should be played.

When the game starts, Nimrit and Shalin are the first to get a lift from Sajid. They take the name of Gautam, Priyanka and Soundarya and are kicked out of the game. Soundarya talks to Priyanka and says that Nimrit is the most unsanitary person in the house. Then Sajid takes Tina and Sumbul with him. Soundarya calls it unfair. The game continues like this and in the end Sajid is left and becomes the new captain.

In a twist, Bigg Boss changes the captain’s perks and says they would reign as friendly and queen. In addition, the two people who are going to share the room with Sajid are saved from nominations.

Sajid Khan allocates rooms to the housemates. He chooses Shiv and Abdu as his housemates; However, this makes Tina angry because she hoped he would choose her or Shalin. She says that Sajid is someone she will never trust, because actions speak louder than words to her. She says she has always supported him and that he could have supported her.

In the precap we see that the nominations will take place tomorrow causing everyone to go against their friends.

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates!

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