Bigg Boss 16, Day 47 written updates: Archana gets into a BIG fight with Priyanka, Tina and Shalin resolve their differences

New Delhi: The episode begins with the contestants singing Bigg Boss’ national anthem. Archana Gautam, who is known for being extremely possessive in the kitchen, is in her element. After her eviction, which was quashed two days earlier, Archana gets into a heated argument with her best friend, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, whose support for Archana has been unwavering. Bigg Boss calls everyone into the living room and explains their nomination task.

Each non-favorite must choose a sheep of their choice and present it as prey to the wolf, along with a statement explaining why they are nominating that contestant. Shalin and Shiv advise Archana on the game. Tina tells Archana to play fair. Soundarya is the first to start the nomination task. Soundarya nominates Tina and gives the reason she went behind her back as a friend. Shalin tries to convince Priyanka to let him go in the second round.

Shalin comes in second and nominates Gautam, with the reason that he is trying to be someone else instead of playing his own game. Priyanka tells Archana that she will never trust her again. Priyanka is the third person to nominate Shalin. Archana feels betrayed by Priyanka because she showed no confidence in her during the task. Tina comes in fourth and nominates Soundarya. The people nominated this week are Tina, Gautam, Shalin and Soundarya.

Participants debate the task. Sajid notes that Shalin genuinely cares about Tina. Priyanka gets into a fight with Soundarya and Gautam over the task. Archana talks to Shalin and Nimrit about Priyanka playing the doubles game. Tina talks to Sajid and asks him if any of her activities or actions make it seem like she and Shalin are a couple. Sajid discusses that with Shalin. Sajid tells Shalin that Tina is falling for him.

Bigg Boss calls Shalin to the living room. Bigg Boss gives Shalin his birthday present, chicken. Bigg Boss asks if the other group being formed (Priyanka and Ankit, Soundarya, Gautam and Archana) is real or not to which he replies that it is more of a necessity than anything else. In a fun moment, contestants throw Shalin and Sumbul into the pool. Abdu also jumps in. Gautam tells Soundarya that he would not wish Shalin on his birthday.

The episode ends with Shalin and Tina discussing the things that happened in the past week. On the other side, Shiv, Nimrit and MC Stan can be seen discussing Shalin and Tina. Nimrit makes a comment and says that Shalin and Priyanka will become best friends at some point in the future.

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