Bigg Boss 16, Shanivaar Ka Vaar updates: Salman gives Archana another chance? Know who has been evicted…

New Delhi: It’s Shanivaar Ka Vaar in the Bigg Boss house, and also the day a contestant is evicted from the house. The episode begins with Salman interacting with Priyanka and Ankit about the advice he has given them. In a joke, Salman enters Priyanka’s departure to make Ankit realize where his current game plan might lead in the future (that’s Priyanka’s eviction or his). The contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house is Gori Nagori.

In the bedroom, Priyanka, crying, tells Ankit that from now on she will play her own game and can’t think of others. Shiv and Nimrit discuss Priyanka and Ankit and what advice Salman must have given them. Sajid advises Ankit to follow his heart and play his own game instead of always supporting Priyanka. Salman welcomes Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon to the podium. The stars are here to promote their movie ‘Bhediya’. Salman plays a quiz with Kriti and Varun to find out who is a bigger Salman Khan fan. Salman Khan sings some of his most iconic songs, and both Varun and Kriti perform their hook steps. Varun and Kriti enter the Bigg Boss house and play games with the participants.

Salman teaches Archana about her quarrel with Shiv. Archana cries over Salman’s interrogation. Salman tells Archana to name three people in the house who can accept her guarantee. If she succeeds, he will let her back into the house. Archana again apologizes to Salman.

Salman then discusses the incident with other house members and points out to Shiv that he provoked Archana by using a problem that comes from outside the Bigg Boss house and is wrong. Salman goes on to say that Shiv has planned the whole thing very cleverly. Salman points out a commendable quality of Archana, which is that she treats everyone as a participant.

Later, as the show’s host, Salman makes a big decision and gives Archana another chance (that is, she comes back to the house). The episode ends with contestants arguing over Salman’s decision to let Archana back in.

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