Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul sees the real face of Tina and Shalin; Priyanka-Ankit gets into an ugly fight with Soundarya!

New Delhi: The second Shukravaar Ka Vaar begins with Salman Khan turning into Bigg Boss for a day! Today no anthem was sung by the participants, in fact everyone danced to Salman’s ‘Allah Duhayi’ song and started the day on a positive note. Today was- Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Salman Ka Raaj!

The day started with the Juice corner activity where participants made bitter juices for their rivals as a mockery of their character. Salman called Nimrat and Priyanka “asli hroines” because whatever is going on is out in the open. Sajid Khan was given the task of hiding some of the participants’ belongings with Abdu’s help, and later hiding him too. The best moment was when Abdu called Tina’s teddy bear ‘zoo’…’ Sajid passed both challenges very well.

Salman Khan entered the house with Abdu and spilled a lot of bitter beans. He started by complimenting Archana and saying that she is “India’s favourite”. The model got tears in her eyes when she heard this. Abdu got an assignment from Salman where he had to imitate Archana, he did quite well and everyone laughed. This complement segment ended very healthy with Abdu and Jallad’s fight.

Salman then tells the participants who said what about them. Nimrat had said something about Tina, she had said something about Gautam. In fact, Salman Khan openly recited the whole ‘Sumbul like you, this is ek tarfa pyaar…’ and asked her who might have said this. She was shocked to know that Tina had!

Priyanka was told what Soundarya had said for Ankit’s mother and she became very upset. In fact, Ankit said it was a very personal comment and you should never have made it. Even SK warns Soundarya to either not make personal comments or keep parading about others who do it.

Parineeti Chopra and Harrdy Sandhu enter the ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house to promote their recent release ‘Code Name: Tiranga’. Pari’s favorite contestant is Abdu and Harrdy’s favorite is MC Stan. The participants have fun with Pri and Harrdy, they play games, sing, rap together.

Shalin and Tina try to clear the air with Sumbul, manipulate her, but she’s super upset and won’t even talk to them. Shalin tries to play dump for Gautam and Nimrat, they too listen to him.

Priyanka and Soundarya have a heated conversation. Priyanka cries and calls Soundarya “badtameez”, she tries to explain the context to the actress but Priyanka doesn’t even want to see Soundarya’s face anymore. Ankit takes a stand and asks Soundarya to just leave it and never get so personal again. For the first time, Ankit screams and asks Soundarya to cut it out.

All participants gather in the living room and Sumbul’s father appears on TV. This is the first time a family member looked like this, but as said by SK, it was important because no one else could have explained to the 19-year-old what the truth is.

Sumbul’s father explains to her that she is too naive about the gahrwalas and that they don’t deserve it. “They’re all using you…” he said to Sumbul.

The actress’s father focuses on Shalin, saying that Sumbul got close to him because they are both from the same city and she found a friend in him. He even said, “Tumne to uska sare ghar mein mazak bana diya…” When he comes to Tina, he says she should have explained Sumbul and not laughed at her in front of everyone. “Pehle aapne Shalin ko uksaya, fir sare ghar mein uska mazak banaya,” he said to Tina.

“Jo dikhta hai, woh waise nahi hota”, Sumbul’s father warns her. He even appreciated Gautam and Ankit for their kind gesture towards his daughter. He calls Shiv ‘real Maratha’ because of his concern for Sumbul and tells Archana that he is her biggest fan because he is an older sister of Sumbul.

Sumbul’s father says he trusts her, knows and supports her, but cannot see her in the house. “You are a role model for all the girls here, I want to see my Sumbul, the one who doesn’t depend on anyone, who thinks alone, play alone,” Sumbul’s father tells his daughter. He even recited a powerful poem to her that brought tears to Archana and Manya’s eyes.

Shalin tries to say something, but Salman stops him. He even says that this is all Sumbul’s fault and that she must now forcefully undo it. Sumbul’s father adds that Shalin and Tina want to kill the child in his daughter, otherwise he would never have done that gesture where he ran like a child and said that Sumbul does.

After the exit of Salman Khan and Sumbul’s father, everyone comforts Sumbul. Tina and Shalin are shocked and stunned by what happened today.

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