Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar: Archana enters the house again, Nimrit breaks down in front of Bigg Boss

New Delhi: It’s a new day at Bigg Boss house and we’re back with the updates. The episode opens with an argument between contestants over Archana’s return to the Bigg Boss house. Priyanka and Soundarya get excited about her return. Sajid says Archana has been given warnings despite getting into a physical fight with Shiv and he doesn’t approve. However, Priyanka says that it was Shiv who provoked her. Finally Archana enters Bigg Boss’ house again and hugs everyone. She also apologizes to Shiv and then starts crying.

Archana, Priyanka, Soundarya and Gautam say that Abdu has realized the reality of Shiv and they should be friends with him now. Archana says that Nimrit was the one who turned Shiv against her. Archana tells her friends that people here think that the incident has changed her now, but that is not true. However, Shalin overhears this conversation and informs other housemates.

To celebrate the occasion of Children’s Day, several children enter the Bigg Boss house and begin to mimic the behavior of the participants. From Gautam and Soundarya’s relationship to Priyanka and Nimrit’s catfight, the contestants laugh out loud at the kids’ performance.

At that moment, Shekhar Suman addresses the participants. To celebrate Children’s Day, he calls all participants as students while Bigg Boss is the principal. He also writes an emotional poem for them in which he tells how their emotions explode during their stay in the house. He then shows children’s photos of the participants and they all laugh when they look at each other’s photos. Shekhar Suman asks who is the directionless person in the house. Nimrit says it’s Gautam because he doesn’t speak very clearly. Gautam replies that I know why I am here. Shalin also targets Gautam and says his friendships are fake and it’s all coming out now. Shalin and Gautam get into a heated argument about it.

Nimrit talks one-on-one with Bigg Boss and says she’s been feeling claustrophobic for a few days. She says I’m strong, but then she collapses. She has a sincere conversation with Bigg Boss in which she says she doesn’t understand what’s going on with her. Bigg Boss says to stay where you are and you are very helpful. She says that only Abdu is close to her because he does not judge her. She says that if I collapse, other participants will call me weak and pass judgment. Bigg Boss says that only real people are loved by the public. He says that unless you experience life in this house you can never live it and asks her to think about this conversation. She leaves. Nimrit then shares her thoughts with MC Stan and Shiv. She says I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for a year now. They ask her not to think too much. She says my patience is being tested and I am being mentally harassed.

Tina, Sumbul and Shalin argue over how Sumbul stops talking to them. Sumbul says I need some time. Tina says I keep my distance from everyone. Tina widens her stance and Sumbul hugs her. Irritated, Tina leaves. Shalin tries to resolve matters between Sumbul and Tina. Shalin says I’ve been trying to talk to Nimrit because she’s depressed, and yet I’m talking to you because you’re my friend. Sumbul says I can’t articulate my opinion clearly and they cherish it.

Priyanka, Ankit and Gautam say that Shalin is fake. Priyanka says why there is so much confusion between three people? Gautam says he is Shalin Bhanot, he will be fake.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more updates.

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