‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Abdu Rozik talks about his struggles, saying that ‘people used to speak badly of me when…’

Mumbai: Abdu Rozik, who calls himself the famous ‘Chota Bhaijaan’ in the Bigg Boss house, has come a long way. Though many confused him as a kid due to his small height, he stands proud with his achievement medals and insane fan base all over the world! He is the world’s smallest professional singer and boxer.

But did you know that his social media popularity and global fame weren’t easy? He has come a long way. For the uninitiated, it was no easy feat for the global social media sensation. He was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and rickets, which meant that at the age of 5 he stopped growing and stopped his hormone development. According to Rozik, as a young teenager he was bullied and mocked for his height, which only allowed him to receive 3 years of formal education.

Teachers didn’t give him stationery and books because they thought it was a waste of time to teach him anything. He would be beaten up by his classmates on the way home from school, and most of the time he was under extreme stress thinking about what would become of his life, as he was the sole breadwinner of his family. His family had minimal means of survival and could not afford medical treatment for his condition.

Unable to read or write, Abdu started humming his own tunes and writing his own lyrics to block out the negativity and started homeschooling himself. Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Abdu said: “I’m excited and nervous, but I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life with Bigg Boss 16. Being small and small used to be such a hindrance that people always underestimate my aptitude. People always bad-mouthed me as the unfortunate child of God and mocked me for my handicap during my childhood, but now look where I’ve reached today.”

After being bullied at home, Abdu started humming his own tunes and writing his own lyrics. He sang in Tajikistan’s street bazaars to provide for his family until the age of 17, until he was spotted and sponsored by Yasmine Safia, who hails from the UAE royal family, who then invested to leverage his skills and develop and allowed him to travel around the world. Then he made a move to Dubai.

Speaking about his journey and attributing his success to Yasmine, Abdu said: “CEO and Founder of IFCM.ae Yasmine Safia from Dubai deserves a special mention for having taught me in Hindi and English coaching classes, my music, sports, acting and dance career , and help me break into the world of the executive market.”

He added: “She made me believe in myself and even taught me to count and understand different currencies because I was badly cheated in the past. She always taught me that my condition is a blessing, not a curse, as I always have.” was told all my life. With that confidence I stand here today, in mind and spirit and proud to represent a forgotten community.”

For the past two years, he has performed with some of the most renowned artists, including AR Rahman, Redone, French Montana and Will I AM.

Abdu’s first rendezvous with fame was during his public spat at a boxing press conference in Moscow with his opponent, which garnered more than 400 million views worldwide. Abdu Rozik will soon be co-starring with Salman Khan in his upcoming film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’, and he has even recorded his first album of Hindi songs which will be released by the end of this year.

He is also the youngest person to receive a 10-year golden visa to the United Arab Emirates and has made Dubai his second home. Hoping to win a place for himself in the Bigg Boss house, Abdu Rozik said, “I hope to win the hearts of the people of India with my life story and the people around the world can know and understand the real me that I’ve probably experienced the worst already.”

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