Bigg Boss, Day 19 Written Updates: Bigg Boss Invites Contestants To Share Juicy Gossip, Archana And Shiv Argue

New Delhi: It’s day 19 at the big boss’s house, and things have gotten more complicated, from tasks to relationships, and one thing has become clear: no one trusts anyone. At the beginning of the episode it is a bit quiet and peaceful. Bigg Boss calls Tina into the confessional and informs her that her pet, whose health has been monitored, has become more critical. Tina, listening to the news, breaks off in front of Shalin and tells him not to give this information to anyone. Shalin and Tina continue a long conversation in which Shalin tries to clarify his actions of the past few days and at the end of the discussion, Tina asks if she likes him, to which Tina does not answer.

Shalin and MC Stan discuss the situation between Shalin and Tina and feel that Shalin needs to understand that Tina does everything in front of the camera, while Shalin’s emotions are real to her (Tina). Bigg Boss calls Shalin and Tina into the confessional and asks them to clarify what’s going on between them, to which both reply that they don’t know themselves. Tina in the confessional tells Shalin to be more candid about his feelings and not change his priorities.

Gautam advises her in a conversation with Sumbul to explain her problems and issues more openly and in front of her. Later, in a conversation with Archana and Nimrit, Tina criticizes Shiv’s handling of captaincy.

Bigg Boss calls everyone to the living room and scolds them for being too low on energy and too quiet. He asks participants to enter the confessional and share some gossip about other members. The first to enter is Manya, and she tells Bigg Boss that she feels there is a love triangle in the house (Shalin, Sumbul and Tina) and she believes that Sumbul has feelings for Shalin and is jealous of Tina. She also feels that Soundarya has feelings for both Shalin and Gautam, but changed her stance when Gautam became the captain because he had more power.

The next to go to the confessional are Sajid and Abdu, where Sajid shares gossip that every girl in the house wants to be close to Abdu for more CCTV footage. Nimrit moves on next, telling Bigg Boss that it’s rather unclear what happened between Soundarya and Shalin.

In between all this, Archana and Shiv get into an argument over kitchen chores. Gori is the next member to go to the confessional, where she says that Shalin is in love with Tina, and when asked if Tina is in love with Shalin, Gori says no.

Soundarya then gets to work and talks about the incident with Shalin. Shiv and Stan, who both go to the confessional one after the other, share gossip about Shalin and Tina and how they feel, at the end of it Shalin will be left heartbroken.

Bigg Boss, after listening to all the gossip, chooses Manya and Archana as the people whose gossip was more interesting and for which they win a basket. In a conversation with Archana and Nimrit, Tina talks about the kind of mind games Shiv plays and how he tries to create a rift in her relationship with Shalin.

At the end of the episode, Gautam and Soundarya are in conversation, which ends with a kiss on Gautam’s cheek.

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