Changes to food packaging rules that come into effect from December 1; consumers to get accurate product details

The central government has made some significant changes to the rules regarding the packaging of food products and some other goods, including cement. Previously, the new rule was supposed to take effect on October 1, but the expiration date has been extended and the rules will come into effect from December 1, according to a message from the Department of Consumer Affairs.

“In the Amendment Rules for Legal Metrology (Packaged Goods), 2022, in line 1, in sub-line (2), for the numbers, letters and words “October 1, 2022”, the numbers, letters and words “1st Day of December 2022″ will be replaced,” according to the September 30 notification.

The new rules apply to a total of 19 types of articles. These items include milk, tea, biscuits, edible oil, flour, bottled water, baby food, pulses and grains, cement bags, bread, and detergents. The main changes you’ll see on the packages of these items are round-digit MRPs. This means that the prices of these items cannot be Rs 110.5, it must be either Rs 110 or Rs 111, no middle figure should be allowed.

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Even if the weight/quantity of the product is less than the standard weight, the manufacturer must state the price per gram/ml. This will help consumers know the exact price they are being charged for the goods.

It will also be necessary to write the production date on the imported products. The domestically manufactured products already contain production and best before dates.

Earlier in July this year, the Department of Consumer Affairs passed the Statutory Metrology (Packaged Goods), (Second Amendment) Rules 2022 that allowed electronic products to declare certain mandatory returns via the QR code for a period of one year, if not indicated in the package itself.

The change allowed the industry to declare the detailed information digitally via the QR code. Previously, all prepackaged goods, including electronic products, had to declare all mandatory declarations according to the Legal Metrology (Packed Goods), Rules 2011 on the packaging.

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