‘Congress cooperated with British before independence, adopted ‘slave mentality’ from them’: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday accused the Congress of disowning Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, saying it was adopting a “slave mentality” after collaborating with the British before independence. He was speaking at a campaign rally in the town of Sojitra in Anand district of Gujarat, where a vote will be held on December 5 in the second phase of the state assembly elections. “The Congress has a problem not only with Sardar Patel but also with the unity of India. because their politics is based on the policy of divide and conquer while Patel believed in uniting everyone. Due to this major difference, the Congress has Sardar Patel never considered their property,” the prime minister said. The congress’s “policy” of pitting one community, caste or religion against another weakened Gujarat, Modi said. “Congressmen had worked with the British for a number of years (before independence). As a result, the party adopted all the bad habits of the British, such as this policy of divide and rule and the slave mentality,” he added.

The opposition party leaders are avoiding visiting the Statue of Unity, Patel’s statue and memorial in Narmada district, he claimed. “Just because the statue was built by Modi, did Patel become untouchable to you? I am sure the people of Anand district will punish Congress for insulting Sardar Patel,” the prime minister added.

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Earlier on Thursday, Congress President Mallikarun Kharge told Prime Minister Modi: “He said that if the Congress had not preserved Indian democracy and constitution for seven decades, Modi and his friends could never have become Prime Minister and Prime Minister.”

Speaking at a rally in Waghodia town in Vadodara district of Gujarat in support of Congress candidate Satyajitsinh Gaekwad, Kharge said, “Modi Ji claims that Congress gives him two kilograms of gaalis (abuse) every day. The fact is you give us four quintals “I give gaalis. every day. Sometimes you focus on me or Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. Without giving us gaalis, you can’t digest your food. But for the sake of the citizens, we never say anything.”

The president of the congress was apparently referring to Prime Minister Modi’s remarks at a rally in Kalol town in Panchmahal district, where he said that a competition was underway between congress leaders who will use the most insulting words against him.

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