Days before Xi’s party congress, Covid-19 cases in Shanghai hit 3-month high

New Delhi: Covid cases in Shanghai have soared to three-month highs as city officials quietly close schools and a slew of other locations in an effort to contain a flare-up that hit the financial center just days before one of China’s key political events that hit the financial center just days before. is the party congress. The city reported 47 new infections on Wednesday, the most since a brief flare-up on July 13 raised fears of another general lockdown. All but two of the most recent cases were discovered in quarantine. On Wednesday, Beijing registered 18 cases. Despite growing social and economic costs, Xi has made Covid Zero a cornerstone of his leadership, and China’s propaganda machine has stepped up its defense of the policy this week, signaling that there will be no shift to living with the virus anytime soon. .

According to parents and social media posts, several schools in Shanghai have suspended face-to-face classes as fears of spreading infection mount. According to Covid prevention agencies, at least five districts have closed entertainment venues such as movie theaters, bars and gyms in an effort to eradicate transmission. That reports NDTV.

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Though small by international standards, the escalation comes just days before China’s once-every-five-year party congress, where President Xi Jinping is expected to win a record-breaking third term in office. Social media users complained about the endless cycle of closures and reopenings of China’s Covid Zero policy. Others wondered if they would face another lockdown just months after a two-month ordeal in which many in Shanghai struggled to get food and medical care.

Authorities said on Sunday there will be no school closure across the city, despite speculation on social media that the measure would be implemented. However, the gradual suspensions, as well as an increase in other restrictions, such as the closure of neighborhoods and individual housing complexes, have put Shanghai’s 25 million residents on edge.

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