Diwali 2022: Indian Railways runs 179 festival special trains to Chhath Puja for THIS reason

The festivities in India are in full swing as Navratri and Durga Puja were celebrated in the country after a long stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As Indian Railways was the most preferred mode of transportation, no stone was left unturned to provide convenience to passengers as it initiated several special train services to ensure passengers arrive on time to enjoy festivities with their loved ones. To cope with the additional crowds of passengers in the upcoming holiday season, Indian Railways will operate 2,269 journeys of 179 special trains to Chhath Puja this year. According to the official statement from the Ministry of Railways, Central Railway (CR) has notified 100 journeys of seven pairs of special trains on November 3, 2022.

Similarly, East Central Railway (ECR) has reported 128 journeys of 9 pairs of special trains, Eastern Coastal Railway (ECoR) has reported 94 journeys of 6 pairs of special trains, and Eastern Railway (ER) has reported 108 journeys of 14 pairs of special trains. special trains, Northern Railway (NE) has registered 368 journeys of 35 pairs of special trains, North Central Railway (NCR) has registered 223 journeys of 8 pairs of special trains.

Meanwhile, North Eastern Railway (NER) has reported 34 journeys of special trains of 2 pairs, North Frontier Railway (NFR) has reported 64 journeys of special trains of 4 pairs, North Western Railway (NWR) has 134 journeys of special trains of 5 pairs Southern Railway (SR) has notified 56 journeys of 22 special trains, South Eastern Railway (SER) has notified 14 journeys of 2 special trains per pair, South Central Railway (SCR) has notified 191 journeys of 19 special trains per pair, South Western Railway (SWR) has signed up 433 runs of 22 special trains, West Central Railway (WCR) has signed up 16 runs of 6 pairs of special trains and Western Railway (WR) has signed 306 runs of 18 pairs of special trains.

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Additional RPF personnel have been deployed at the major stations to ensure passenger safety. Officers are deployed in the Emergency Service at the major stations to ensure that the trains run smoothly. Personnel are deployed in various departments to deal with any disruptions to the train service with priority. The ministry statement also states that “May I help you” booths will be kept operational at key stations where RPF personnel and TTEs are deployed to properly assist and escort passengers.

Medical teams are available on call at major stations. An ambulance with a paramedical team is also available. Measures have been taken to ensure frequent and timely announcement of the arrival/departure of trains with platform numbers. Any malpractice – such as cornering of chairs, overcharging and touting activities, etc. – by the staff of the Security and Vigilance Department is monitored and closely monitored. Instructions for maintaining cleanliness in waiting rooms, rest rooms, platforms in particular and stations in general have been given by the zonal headquarters.

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