DO NOT search THESE topics on Google, OTHERWISE…

New Delhi: Today, Google is used on every street and in every place because people are tech savvy. The search engine is the one-stop destination for any query. If you ask a question to Google, it will be answered immediately. With more and more IT regulations getting stricter, you can’t ask every question on Google. Finding answers to some questions on Google can be very expensive. Let’s figure out which questions to avoid when searching on Google.

There are many things that are forbidden in Google searches. The government is taking the step to guarantee national security. When you search for objectionable content on Google, your IP address directly reaches the security authorities.

child porn

Child pornography is a very sensitive subject. You should avoid searching for it on Google. You may also have to pay a large fine.

movie piracy

Most people are at home in movie piracy. It is banned in India. Even after that, many people look for movie piracy. If you’re caught illegally copying a movie on Google or looking for anything related to it, you could face a hefty fine. You may also have to go behind the bar.

Bomb Making Process

Don’t make this mistake at all as Google keeps a close eye on Bomb Search. Searching the bomb-making process on Google, even accidentally or as a joke, is considered a violation of the rules. You could also be sent to jail for this.

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