Durga Puja 2022: Meaning of Shashti, Ashatami, Navami and Dashmi

Durga Puja 2022: Durga Puja is celebrated across the country to mark the victory of the Goddess against the demon Mahishasura. The festival is also known as Durgotsava or Sharodotsava. This festival is mainly celebrated in Bengal and has great significance in the community. It is a 5-day festival that starts from the sixth day of Navratri and continues until the 10th day. Let’s talk about the importance of every day:

Day 1 – Shashti

This is the day when the festival starts and the celebrations don’t start until the day of Shoshti, the sixth day of Durga Puja. People worship goddess Durga as Katyayani on this day which is the sixth form of goddess Durga. The weapons are used to worship her that she was given to fight the demon.

Day 2 – Saptami

It is believed to be the day when the battle between the goddess Durga and the Mahishasura began. To mark the day, a banana tree is submerged on the banks of the Hoogly River. After that, the tree is decorated with a golden sari. Kala Bou, the banana tree, is then worshiped and believed to be Ganesha’s wife.

Day 3 – Ashtami

Durga Ashtami, which you must have heard of, is the main day of the festival, Navaratri. On this day, her main confrontation with the demon Mahishasura is said to have taken place. On the occasion of the celebration, 108 diyas and lotuses are offered to the Goddess.

Day 4 – Navami

The ninth day is as important as this day, that is, Maha Navami, the goddess Durga finally defeated Mahishasur. Kumari Pujo or Kanya Pujan, is also done on this day. For Kanya Pujan, young girls are worshiped and offered bhog.

Day 5 – Dashami

Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra is the last day of the festival. It is said that Maa Durga returned to her husband, Lord Shiva, on Mount Kailash on this day.

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