Fans Shower Love On Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Maja Ma’, LGBTQIA Community Appreciates Sensitive Rendering

New Delhi: Madhuri Dixit starrer Amazon Original Movie Maja Ma, premiered on Prime Video on October 6, delighting audiences while delighting with its emotional moments. In addition, the underlying thought-provoking message in the film allows you to see different nuances of relationships from a new lens.

The story opens with a series of innocent events that eventually lead to the protagonist, Pallavi Patel, played by Madhuri Dixit, inadvertently coming out, questioning societal norms and inadvertently endangering her son’s upcoming engagement. Even as her reality puts her at a crossroads with her family and jeopardizes all the relationships she had nurtured with so much love and care over the years, we see her staying strong for her beliefs and true to herself and her own identity.

Excited about the reaction the film has received, Madhuri Dixit shares: “Maja Ma proves that the era of boxing people and characters is over. Pallavi’s sexual orientation is just one of the many facets of her identity. She is much more than that – a brilliant dancer, a loving mother, a friend and most importantly a human being who can inspire others around her.The storyline depicts a journey of evolution and Pallavi’s character depicts that journey with a myriad of emotions and feelings – ranging from confusion, fear, acceptance and courage to accept one’s true identity.This film is about love, family and acceptance, but everything is said without being preachy.In a way, Maja Ma encourages people not to judge and to embrace others for who they are. “

The unique story has been sensitively handled by the creators, who have worked closely with organizations such as Yuvaa, Humsafar Trust, Umang, among others, from the preparatory stage of writing and conceptualization, through the making of the film, and even into the post-production stage. , to ensure that their insights, sensitivities and sentiments have been taken into account. The Humsafar Trust, India’s first community-based organization for the LGBT community, gave a shout-out to its social handle to share their love and appreciation for the sensitive treatment of the subject. As stated in the tweet, they shared: “Maja Ma is a story of the perfect woman we all know and her emotional journey of dealing with sexuality while managing the domino effect it has on her loved ones. Thank you Prime Video, Anand Tiwari and team for delicately portraying this story.”

Humsafar Trust CEO Vivek Raj Anand posted a post sharing his thoughts after watching the film. He said, ‘Is the existence of a woman within her family her only identity? An ambitious mother, wife and friend, Pallavi is stigmatized and ruthlessly discriminated against because of a love that forced herself to take on various roles that society expected of her.

Watch the film for its sensitive portrait of a woman who held another woman in her heart, but never paused to think about her rights, or even her personal happiness within the framework of her marriage.

For those who haven’t seen Maja Ma yet, be sure to watch the film with your family and friends, because that’s it – a complete family entertainer that will envelop you in a sense of warmth and joy long after the credits are over.

Produced by Leo Media Collective and Amritpal Singh Bindra; Maja Ma is a family entertainer, directed by Anand Tiwari and written by Sumit Batheja, set against the festive backdrop of a traditional festival and a quintessentially colorful Indian wedding. Warm and funny, this light-hearted yet thought-provoking drama with unexpected twists and turns stars Madhuri Dixit in a role never seen before. It features an ensemble cast including Gajraj Rao, Ritwik Bhowmik, Barkha Singh, Srishti Shrivastava, Rajit Kapur, Sheeba Chadha, Simone Singh, Malhar Thakar and Ninad Kamat. Audiences in India and in more than 240 countries and territories can stream this highly anticipated Hindi Amazon Original movie on Prime Video.

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