Female passenger’s abusive behavior on Delta Airline flight goes VIRAL, netizens respond: Watch video

Recently, an unusual incident occurred on a Delta airline flight in which a woman began abusing cabin crew members when asked to leave the flight. The video posted to Reddit shows a woman yelling at cabin crew members and passengers after she was reportedly asked to remove her dog. The post’s caption reveals that the incident occurred on a flight from Atlanta to New York on October 12. The video of the woman abusing crew members on a Delta airline flight has been widely shared on social media platforms and has shocked netizens. The viral video currently has over 6,000 comments. The woman can be seen aggressively when she was asked to get off the plane.

“F*** you all,” she yelled to the crew and passengers. Passengers on board were stunned when the woman threw a water bottle in a row behind her with some force, as she witnessed some passengers record her heated discussion with the cabin crew member. “Turn off your damn phone,” she yelled at another passenger who was filming the incident.

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The woman further said she will be hours late to reach her destination. “Because you couldn’t let my dog ​​sit on my lap, I’m hours late getting to my destination.” A flight attendant then asked the woman to leave the plane peacefully, to which she responded with aggression. Netizens soon took over the comment section and reacted negatively to the video.

“I’ve taken my Yorkie mix dog on countless trips. While frustrated that he can’t sit on my lap, I’m not going against the rules. I’d rather spend a few hours in the air with my dog ​​on the floor than to be asked to leave and be banned from their airline,” noted one of the Reddit users.

Atlanta police confirmed the incident and stated that no one had been arrested, but the woman was removed from the plane.

According to The Independent, a Delta spokesperson said: “Delta will not tolerate this kind of behavior on our planes or at our airports. Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people and customers.”

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