Festive advantage! THIS bank offers credit up to Rs 25,000 for online shopping with no interest or fees; view the details here

New Delhi: Many people want to buy a flagship but because of the budget they have not bought it. If you are also a lover of flagship devices and do not buy because of money. Now is the right time for you. Many ecommerce platforms and banks offer cashback, discount and exchange offers on the devices ahead of the holiday season.

Here are the details of a facility provided by the bank that facilitates online shopping with ease.

Offer by ICICI Bank

The private lender offers the customers a Pay-Later facility. Under the facility, you can borrow money from ICICI Bank for 30 days under certain conditions. The bank’s pay later arrangement allows customers to shop online for up to Rs 20 thousand.

Consumers must repay the amount within 30 days. PayLater account is a digital credit product. This facility is also like a credit card, where you spend first and pay later. You can pay any type of invoice.

How to use the advantage?

The ICICI Bank schedule is only available on an invite-only basis. That is, after seeing your track record and CIBIL report, if the bank thinks you should get this facility, you will see the popup on Pockets Wallet, i-Mobile and Internet Banking App.

Transaction limit

On Pay later account you can get 10 to 25 thousand credits from the bank. The bank determines the amount for which you are eligible based on a number of conditions and rules. This amount will be automatically debited from your account on the due date.

The interest or other costs

There are no fees or interest to pay for using this facility. If you have not made the payment within the deadline, you will have to pay a late payment penalty. The costs will be charged until your due has not been settled.

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