Four out of five in Hyderabad gang rape case are being tried as adults

Hyderabad: Four of the five conflicting children of the law (CCL) held as charges in the Jubilee Hills gang rape case should be tried as adults, the Juvenile Board ruled Friday. The five had been detained along with a sixth person in the sensational case that rocked the state a few months ago. The fifth CCL, who is the son of an MIM legislator, will be tried as a minor, ruled by Chief Magistrate G Radhika. His case is transferred to the children’s court.

The magistrate disagreed with a board member who believed that the children in conflict with the law (CCL) may have been lured by the victim’s hospitable approach and that they have no legal training and therefore cannot understand the legal ramifications.”

The client determined that CCL was not under the influence of alcohol or other substances and concluded that there were no compelling circumstances to commit the crime. The sensational case was that the opposition parties attacked the ruling TRS party in Telangana and the police shielded the son from the MLA by invoking lenient parts of the law against him.

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