‘Fricious and pointless’: India rejects Pakistan’s bid to increase Kashmir during UNGA vote in Ukraine

United Nations: In a major rejection of Pakistan, India has again dismissed Islamabad’s attempts to raise the issue of Kashmir during the UN General Assembly vote on Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territories as “frivolous and futile” attempts. India’s Permanent Representative Ruchira Kamboj on Wednesday criticized Islamabad’s “mindset” which it casts with “falseities” regardless of context, saying it deserves “sympathy”. Pakistan should stop cross-border terrorism instead, she added.

After the Assembly voted to condemn Russia’s annexation of Ukraine, Pakistani Permanent Representative Munir Akram said he looked forward to “a similar concern and condemnation over India’s attempts to formalize” what he called the annexation of Kashmir.

In a confused attempt to link Kashmir to the Ukraine issue, he said that while Pakistan “adheres to the basic principle expressed in the motion for a resolution that referendums cannot apply to people and regions, which are part of a sovereign state and in an environment that is not free”, it abstained from voting on the resolution.

He added: “Under international law, the right of self-determination applies to people who are under foreign or colonial rule and those who have not yet exercised the right to self-determination, as in the case of Jammu and Kashmir.” Pakistan routinely raises the issue of Kashmir, regardless of the subject at the UN or its relevance.

Kamboj replied, telling the Assembly: “We have, unsurprisingly, again witnessed an attempt by a delegation to abuse this forum and make frivolous and senseless remarks against my country.” “Such statements deserve our collective contempt and sympathy for a mentality that repeatedly speaks falsehoods,” she said.

Kamboj stated, “The entire territory of Jammu and Kashmir is and always will be an integral and inalienable part of India, regardless of what the representative of Pakistan believes – or desires.” “We call on Pakistan to end cross-border terrorism so that our citizens can enjoy the right to life and liberty,” she said.

Later, when Pakistan exercised its right of reply to its comments, Gul Kaiser Sarwani, a counselor in that country’s UN mission, reiterated his standard statement on Hindutva, RSS, the BJP and “vigilance” of cows and what he believes is the situation. belongs to minorities.

India also abstained from voting with 34 countries on the resolution, which received 143 votes, while only four countries joined Russia to vote against. India argues that a referendum would be irrelevant because the people of Kashmir voted in elections in India and elected their own governments.

In addition, a Security Council adopted on April 21, 1948, which ignores Pakistan, requires it to withdraw its troops and invaders from all over Kashmir.

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