Gang makes obscene videos of couples in OYO in Noida, arrested

noida: Noida police have arrested a gang involved in blackmailing couples after they secretly made their obscene videos with the arrests of four people. The gang allegedly used to set up hidden cameras in OYO hotel rooms and to record private moments of couples who visit there. Then they blackmailed couples and asked for money. If a couple refuses to pay, they threaten to circulate their video online. The gang had even set up a call center for it. ADCP (Central) Saad Miya Khan said police have arrested four people identified as Abdul Wahav of Khoda, Vishnu Singh (Garhi Chaukhandi), Pankaj Kumar (Noida) and Anurag Kumar, resident of Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad.

They recently blackmailed a couple after making their obscene video. The investigation into the case led the police to two accused – Abdul and Vishnu, who revealed that they had a gang that similarly extorted money from people. Based on the interrogation, the police located and arrested Pankaj and Anurag. Accused Pankaj supplied SIM cards to people involved in illegal businesses, while accused Anurag ran an unauthorized call center. According to the ADCP, both Abdul and Vishnu stayed at an OYO hotel in Phase-3 Police Station a few days ago. They set up hidden cameras there. A few days later, a couple stayed at the hotel and the suspects videotaped their private moments using the hidden cameras.

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The accused began blackmailing the couple over the phone and threatening to circulate their video online. Abdul and Vishnu contacted Pankaj and his accomplice Saurabh from another gang because they had deposited the extortion money into a bank account. Pankaj took Rs 15,000 from them and gave them a “kit” which consists of a fake bank account, a SIM card for extortion and an ATM.

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