Good news for retirees! Now you can register your retirement grievances with THIS helpline number

New Delhi: Old age is a challenging sight in one’s life. The government has numerous social security schemes to help old people cope with old age challenges, including disabilities and age-related health problems. Retirement is one such arrangement that provides them with financial stability and independence. However, retirees face many grievances from time to time ranging from difficulty getting the pensions on time to changing details. They struggle to visit complaint centers often. To resolve the issue, retirees can now report concerns or grievances related to pensions to the main account’s general office by phone or voicemail.

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Toll-free numbers and voicemail services have been launched for retirees. They do not need to visit centers to register their grievances.

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Attention retirees. Now you can easily register your concerns with Chief Accountant General. Toll Free Number 1800-2200-14. Monday till Friday. 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Voicemail service 020-71177775 available 24/7,” the Ministry of Finance said Friday.

The centralized system for recovery and monitoring of pension complaints should be made known to pensioners so that they can address their problems. It is an online automated system created to give retirees quick access while also quickly resolving their complaints. In addition, retirees have the right to appeal if they are not satisfied with the handling of their complaint.

Concerns about the delay in dealing with pensioners’ grievances beyond the 60-day deadline have been raised in Parliament from time to time. Last December, Parliament’s Standing Committee on Human Resources, Public Grievances and Pensions had expressed concern about this issue. The department later asked the Center to set up social audit panels to identify key complaint-prone areas and streamline their systems.

Given the sharp increase in the number of re-registered grievances over the years, the panel suggested introducing an accountability mechanism and exploring the feasibility of holding the concerned grievance bodies liable for the summary resolution of grievances without appropriate qualitative measures.

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