Government Changes BH Series License Plate RULES in India: Everything You Need to KNOW

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued a draft notice to notify changes to the rules for the registration mark of the Bharat (BH) series. The government introduced the BH series registration mark on August 26, 2021 to facilitate the transfer of vehicles from one state to another for people with transferable jobs, whether in central government, military services or private employment. According to MoRTH, several responses have been received in the course of the implementation of these rules to strengthen the ecosystem of the BH series.

The draft notice issued by MoRTH said: “Provided that the application for registration of a vehicle under the BH series, chosen voluntarily by the owner of the vehicle, is submitted to any state registration authority, in which the owner of the vehicle is either a permanent residence or place of work and the registration mark is generated randomly through the portal after verification of the work certificate in form 60 or official identity card, as the case may be, by the registering authority.”

This is new in the BH series numbering system:

1. The transfer of vehicles with registration number BH-series to other persons, who may or may not qualify for BH-series, has been facilitated.

2. Vehicles that currently have a regular registration number can also be converted to the BH series registration number upon payment of the required tax, to facilitate individuals who subsequently qualify for the BH series registration number.

3. In order to make citizens’ lives even easier, an amendment to Rule 48 has been proposed to provide flexibility when submitting applications for BH series, either at the place of residence or at the workplace.

4. The Work Certificate to be submitted by private sector employees has been further tightened to prevent abuse.

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