‘Gross injustice to victims of terrorism’: India criticizes Pakistan, Germany for comments on Jammu and Kashmir

New Delhi: In response to the joint press conference of the foreign ministers of Germany and Pakistan regarding Jammu and Kashmir, India said members of the world community have a crucial role to play in declaring international terrorism and emphasized that the foreigners are also victims. “All serious and conscientious members of the global community have a role and responsibility in fomenting international terrorism, especially of a cross-border nature. The Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir has been the victim of such a terrorist campaign for decades.” victimized as in other parts of India. The UN Security Council and the FATF are still pursuing Pakistan-based terrorists involved in the horrific attacks of 26/11,” MEA spokesman Arindam Bagchi said in a statement.

The State Department added that when states do not recognize such dangers, they are doing serious injustice to the victims of terrorism. “If states fail to recognize such dangers, whether out of self-interest or indifference, they undermine the cause of peace, not promote it. They also do grave injustice to the victims of terrorism, the press release said.

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India’s sharp response comes after Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock jointly addressed a press conference with her Pakistani counterpart Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in Berlin, citing Kashmir. “I truly believe that every country in the world has a role and responsibility to resolve conflicts and ensure that we live in a peaceful world. So my call for peace is not just for Europe and the situation of the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine. But this is also our responsibility to look at other regions with tensions or war situations. That’s why I really appreciate that we can have such close meetings and exchanges of views with different actors in the world,” said the German Foreign Minister .

“Germany also has a role and responsibility regarding the situation of Kashmir. That is why we strongly support the United Nations’ commitment to find a peaceful solution in the regions,” Baerbock said. “We see positive signs in these difficult times regarding cross-border cooperation between Pakistan and India. We support all ceasefire agreements. We encourage Pakistan and India to follow the ceasefire trail to follow the trail of the ceasefire. United Nations and intensity of political dialogue and political cooperation,” she added.

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