Here is the list of passwords that are likely to be easily hacked, check YOURs in the list or not

New Delhi: We have upgraded the facilities based on technology as the digitization trends continue. Along with them, there are some such risks, which keep looming. One of those risks is the passwords associated with email, banking or any other app, which once leaked can cause a lot of loss.

The affair is like remembering the password, people make it very simple, but it makes crackers’ job easier. NordPass’ research has told of a number of such passwords, which if someone keeps them in a remote corner of the world, it’s a matter of squeezing to find out. Also check if your password is also on this list.

However, there are some such popular passwords, which people keep while remembering and call trouble for themselves. Similar passwords include – ‘123456’, ‘ABCDEF’ and ‘I love you’. In the research NordPass conducted in the year 2020, 200 such passwords have been identified, which can be the most dangerous.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 of those passwords.

At the top of the list is ‘123456’, the most commonly used password. The second highest password is ‘123456789’, which can be cracked in seconds. The third password on this list is itself – ‘password’ and cracking it is not a difficult task.

The fourth commonly used password is ‘qwerty’, which is also easy to crack. The interesting thing is that even in the year 2022 research, these four top the list of easy passwords, while in 2020 people also kept such passwords.

Note: The data shown here was collected in Nordpass’s study.

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