‘How can I stay away from…’: Ashok Gehlot hints to continue as Rajasthan CM

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot hinted on Saturday (October 1, 2022) that he would continue as Rajasthan’s prime minister, days after he took moral responsibility for the political crisis in his state. The veteran leader stated that he cannot stay away from the people of Rajasthan “until his last breath” and that the Congress government will complete its five years.

“I can sit in any post. I am from Rajasthan. I belong to Marwar, to Jodhpur, to Mahamandir. How can I stay away from where I was born? Wherever I am, I will continue to serve Rajasthan until my last breath. What I say has some meaning,” he said.

While reporters wanted to know from him if he will present the fifth budget of the government, Gehlot said: “We will complete five years and I have said that the next budget will be presented for students and young people.”

Gehlot’s comments come days after he announced that he will not contest Congressional presidential elections and that the decision on whether or not to remain prime minister will be made by the party chief.

Controversy erupted in the Rajasthan Congress last Sunday after MLAs loyal to Ashok Gehlot submitted resignation letters over a possible move to appoint Sachin Pilot as the next prime minister and held a meeting parallel to that of the Congress Legislature Party.

Gehlot also said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wanted to overthrow his government, but that his regime was strong.

“They continue to work hard to make sure our government doesn’t complete the five years. Previously, the BJP also tried horse trading, but our MLAs were united and they didn’t budge. You can see the government was bailed out last time and it’s going still going strong,” he said.

He urged people to continue to support Congress and said that sometimes people “get caught up” in the election wave and keep changing government.

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