‘If You Don’t Listen…’: Raj Thackeray’s Party MNS Threatens Seema Haider Over Debut Film

The case of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman, who travelled to India to meet her lover Sachin Meena doesn’t seem to be going out of the limelight. Now, in the latest development, a leader from Raj Thackeray’s Party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has threatened Haider over her debut film. Ameya Khopkar, General Secretary of MNS, called upon the directors and producers of the film to stop the shooting of the movie or else face stringent action.

Notably, director Amit Jani has roped in Seema to make a film about her and Sachin’s love story titled as ‘Karachi to Noida’.  Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Khopkar said that the party stands firm on its stance that Pakistani citizens should not have any place in the Indian film industry. He asked how the producers and directors are not ashamed of what they are doing.

“We are firm on our stand that a Pakistani citizen should not have any place in the Indian film industry. Seema Haider is a Pakistani woman currently in India. There were also reports that she was an ISI agent. Some of these people in our industry are making her an actress for fame. Why are these traitorous producers not ashamed? It is a public warning to stop such things immediately, otherwise be ready for action from MNS action. If you don’t listen, resolute action will be taken,” the tweet in Marathi read.

Earlier, Jani Firefox Production House posted a video of people auditioning for the film. Director Amit Jani also said that he is being threatened for making a film on her. He said that he met Haider and she said after getting clearance from the UP ATS, she would work in the movie.

Notably, Seema Haider made headlines after she travelled from Karachi in Pakistan to Dubai and then to Noida via Nepal to meet her lover Sachin Meena whom she encountered on PUBG during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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