IIT Jodhpur Researchers Design Robotic Trainers for Lower Limb Rehabilitation

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur has designed a robotic trainer for lower limb rehabilitation through physiotherapy. According to a press release from the institute, IIT Jodhpur researcher Dr. Jayant Kumar Mohanta, assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, along with other co-investigators, has designed robotic trainers that can be used in physical therapy to treat lower limb disabilities.

Disability of the limbs is a serious disease among Indians and is caused by old age ailments, physical deformities, accidents, strokes, polio, etc.

In robotic rehabilitation, the therapist only needs to supervise and set up the device.

Most existing robotic systems treat patients by performing movements in the sagittal plane only. For full limb movement, sagittal movement is not sufficient and movements in transverse (upper and lower body) and coronal (front and back) planes are also essential.

The IIT Jodhpur researcher has proposed a robotic manipulator setup capable of moving the ankle in all three planes i.e. the sagittal, transverse and coronal plane.

“Full rehabilitation is possible if the correct sequence of therapies is performed. Robots will be able to do this without getting tired,” explains Dr Mohanta, Assistant Professor, IIT Jodhpur.

The usefulness of the robot trainer was confirmed using computer-based simulations along with a motion control scheme.

“The robotic trainer we designed will help provide physical therapy to paralyzed patients and those with spinal cord injuries who have impaired their lower limb functions,” said the study leader.

The trainer is conceptually simple and has a modular mechanical configuration that is easy to mount and use.

To meet this increasing demand for engineers from diverse backgrounds in robotics and mobility systems and to support relevant research and development, an MTech program in robotics and mobility systems has been designed by IIT Jodhpur. This program is offered by IDRP Robotics and Mobility Systems.

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