Indian Man Stopped At Phuket Airport To Take Gulab Jamuns On Plane, He Did THIS: Watch Video

Airport security personnel are often very cautious when it comes to their jobs. As a result, passengers are usually required to show the contents of their luggage. This can go as far as taking out the entire contents of the bags just to win a wink to get through the gates. At the same time, getting food for security clearances is just as difficult. This is what happened to Himanshu Devgn when he was traveling from Phuket Airport. Due to the restrictions in place, he was not allowed to take a can of Gulab Jamun on the plane.

To solve this problem, Himanshu found a way that is now appreciated by the internet. He decided to open the can at the airport and shared the Gulab Jamuns with the airport officials present. The video of the incident was uploaded to Instagram and has now gone viral. The video has more than 1 million views and gets a lot of comments from social media users. It has also reached more than 64 thousand likes.

Watch video of man sharing Gulab Jamun with airport staff

The video was shared with a caption in it that read: “When they restricted us from carrying Gulab Jamuns at the security check, we decided to share the happiness with them.” While the caption of the video said “Great start to the day!” The viral video shows Himanshu sharing the candies with airport officials. In the meantime, he also recorded their reactions and posted them on the social media platform.

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After watching the video, one of the netizens appreciated the airport and said, “The staff here are absolutely lovely.” While another wrote, “Best to use instead of turning into garbage.” Another user commented on the video in a light-hearted tone, saying, “Sweet punishment for not letting Gulab Jamun in.” One user wrote: “Instead of fighting with the staff, these guys choose kindness and spread love.”

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