Infosys firm by moonlight as CEO Salil Parekh says company has fired offenders in past 12 months for double employment

India’s second-largest IT services company, Infosys, made it clear on Thursday that the company does not support undeclared work and said it has laid off employees who have been working double jobs in the past 12 months. However, Infosys did not disclose the exact number of people who were “released” because of moonlight. Last month, Wipro chairman Rishad Premji revealed that about 300 employees have been laid off because the IT services company had no place for employees who chose to work directly with rivals while on Wipro’s payroll.

Simply put, moonlight refers to employees taking up side jobs to work on more than one job at a time. On Thursday, Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said during the second-quarter earnings briefing that the company does not support dual employment.

“We don’t support dual employment… If we found out… In the past, we’ve let go of employees who did blatant work in two specific companies where there’s a confidentiality issue in the past 12 months,” says Parekh. said.

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Infosys is one of the companies that has taken a strong stance on moonlight. It recently sent a notice to its employees claiming that undeclared work is not allowed, warning that any breach of contract clauses will result in disciplinary action “which could even lead to termination of employment”.

“No two timing – no moonlight!” the company had said.

The issue of moonlight came up as a big talking point after Rishad Premji noticed the issue. Premji had taken to Twitter to highlight the issue, saying: “There’s a lot of talk about people making extra money in the tech industry. This is cheating – plain and simple.”

HCL Technologies has also addressed the side-job issue and has said it does not condone dual employment, although it hastily added that the issue is not of major concern within the company.

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Parekh said Infosys, when it comes to appearances in the external environment, supports employees’ aspirations to learn beyond their jobs, but subject to manager’s prior approval.

“We will support them to work on certain gig projects with prior approval from the managers. We are also developing a more comprehensive policy for that, while ensuring that contractual and confidentiality obligations are fully respected. To be clear, we do not support double employment, ” he said.

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