International Day of the Girl Child 2022: Iran’s Status to India

International Day of the Girl Child 2022: On October 11, International Girls’ Day is celebrated to draw attention to the gender inequality facing girls around the world. This day also aims to educate girls about their rights, enabling them to realize their full potential and transform the world around them. This year’s theme chosen by UNICEF for International Girl’s Day is ‘Our time is now – our rights, our future’.

“Girls are poised for a decade of acceleration. It’s time for all of us to take responsibility — with and for girls — and invest in a future that believes in their agency, leadership and potential,” UNICEF wrote on its website. But all over the world, the lives of girls and women are full of challenges. Let’s take a look at the problems faced by women and girls around the world.

Iranian unrest

Girls in Iran were seen waving their headscarves in the air and chanting slogans at authorities amid the ongoing increased unrest caused by the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old young woman, as a result of the beating she got. Amini was arrested by the Guidance Patrol, the Iranian government’s religious vice squad, for not wearing the hijab according to government standards.

There are protests in Iran by schoolgirls in cities such as Tehran and Karaj. Many girls now take off their headscarves and stand up for their future, in other words making their own choices in life.

The unrest in Iran shows the bigger picture of how even women’s struggles are not theirs and that of young girls, especially after Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s comment about the unrest and accusing the West and Israel of orchestrating “riot”. These protesting schoolgirls may not understand the politics behind this movement, but they do understand that they don’t have the freedom to live their lives the way they want.

War in Ukraine

The war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine is now in its sixth month and with all those affected, the war in Ukraine is a crisis for women and girls, the UN says. Women and girls are affected differently and disproportionately. There is a risk of insecurity and gender-based violence.

Psychological support for items such as sanitary pads that only girls need is not available to them, adding to the existing problems.

The Indian photo

Young girls and women in India often face moral policing – whether it’s the clothes they wear, the friends they make, and when and who they go out with. While a former prime minister once commented on women wearing ripped jeans, another had asked why the girl, who had been raped, was out so late. Recently, a young girl was taught by an IAS officer in Bihar when she asked for free sanitary pads.

Ways you can get involved

It is easy to discuss these matters within the secure walls of your home, but you can do more by following the measures UNICEF has put in place on this International Day of the Girl.

1. Share on social media details about notable organizations that empower girls, empower them to lead and improve services for girls, as well as human interest stories, blogs and videos from female changemakers.

2. Encourage decision-makers at all levels of government to focus their efforts on addressing the inequalities facing girls, especially when trying to access mental health and psychosocial services in the face of conflict, forced migration, natural disasters and the consequences of climate change.

3. Engage influential women in all fields to represent the transformation we want to see in girls. The words of role models are quite powerful. Let’s change the popular opinion and vision of women leaders worldwide.

4. Strengthen your commitment to educating people about and addressing issues affecting girls in your country and region.

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The real question remains, will there be a bleak or a bright future for young girls? We don’t know for sure, but we do know that girls can’t grow up in today’s world without real rights.

Our young girls will fight for their freedom and in the end they will win. Change is coming. Now is their time, their rights and their future.

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