Invest in THIS scheme of LIC, get instant benefit of Rs 1 crore; view the details here

New Delhi: Investing is a lifelong affair. One must devise an efficient plan to save and invest during the working years. Let’s figure out where to invest for the maximum and safe return. LIC has brought a better investment option LIC Jeevan Shiromani plan. Here you will get a huge profit even for 1 rupee.

Jeevan Shiromani Plan, a policy of LIC, is such a great plan where you have the best investment options. Let’s look at the details of this policy.

Insured amount of Rs 1 crore

LIC’s plan, Jeevan Shiromani is an unlinked plan. In this you get a guarantee of at least Rs 1 crore insured.

What is the Jeevan Shiromani Plan?

Jeevan Shiromani, Table No. 847 of LIC started the scheme on December 19, 2017. This is an unlinked, limited cash-back plan for premium payment. It is a market-based benefit plan. This scheme is specially made for high net worth individuals.

Financial support

The plan provides financial support to the policyholder’s family in the form of a death benefit over the term of the insurance. In addition, a lump sum is also given on the maturity date.

Survival Allowance

Survival benefit i.e. a fixed benefit is made on the survival of the policyholders. This includes the payment process.

– 14 year policy -10th and 12th year 30-30 percent of the insured sum

– Policy for 16 years -12th and 14th year 35-35 percent of the insured sum

– 18 year policy -14th and 16th year 40-40 percent of the insured sum

– 20-year policy -16th and 18th year 45-45 percent of the sum insured

loan facility

The special feature of the policy is that the customer can take out a loan during the term of the policy based on the surrender value of the policy. Policy loans will be available at an interest rate to be determined from time to time.


– Minimum Insured Amount – Rs 1 crore

– Maximum Insured Amount: No Limit (Base Insured Amount is a multiple of 5 lakhs.)

– Policy term: 14, 16, 18 and 20 years

– Until when the premium must be paid: 4 years

– Minimum age: 18 years

– Maximum age: 55 years with a policy of 14 years; 51 years for a 16-year policy; 48 years for an 18-year policy; 45 years for a 20 year policy.

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