Is your Aadhaar card older than 10 years? You must check this BIG UIDAI update

New Delhi: Aadhaar issuing agency UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) has insisted that people who had their Aadhaar card made 10 years ago should update their details. UIDAI has requested such people to update their documents related to their ID and proof of address.

A release shared by the Ministry of Electronics and IT said, “Over the past ten (10) years, the Aadhaar Number has emerged as a proof of identity of the individual. The Aadhaar Number is used to avail the benefits of various government schemes and services. In order to avail of these schemes and services, the general public should keep the Aadhar data updated with the latest personal data so that there is no inconvenience in Aadhar authentication/verification.” (Also Read: Want to Change Aadhaar Card Photo Online? Here’s How To Change Aadhaar Card Photo)

Such persons who had their Aadhaar made ’10’ years ago and then never updated again in these years, such Aadhaar number holders are requested to have the documents updated, the press release added. (Also Read: Linking Voter ID Card Aadhaar: How to Link Aadhaar to Voter ID Online – Step by Step Process Explained Here)

It can be noted that UIDAI provides the facility of document update to the Aadhaar number holders with the prescribed fee, which enables the Aadhaar number holder to update the Proof of Personal Identity (POI) and Proof of Address (POA) documents in the Aadhaar records.

This facility is accessible both online and offline. It can be used online through My Aadhaar Portal ( or residents can also visit any nearest enrollment center to use the same.

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