Jaishankar’s Pakistani ‘expert on international terrorism’ says irk Islamabad

Islamabad: Pakistan on Monday rejected the comments of Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, during his speech in Vadodara, where he made a comparison between India’s IT industry (information technology) and that of the IT industry (international terrorism) of the “neighboring” country.

During his speech, just as India is an expert in information technology, Jaishankar said “our neighbor is an expert in international terrorism” and warned that if terrorism “is done against us, tomorrow it will be against you”.

“We have a neighbor… as if we are experts in IT, they are experts in ‘international terrorists’. It has been going on for years… but we could explain to the world that terrorism is terrorism, today it is against our done, tomorrow it will be against you,” Jaishankar said at an event at Vadodara in Gujarat.

He pointed out that the world’s understanding of terrorism has now changed compared to the past and no longer tolerates it. “Countries that use terrorism are under pressure and are even more reluctant,” Jaishankar added.

Although Jaishankar did not mention Pakistan during his speech, Pakistan’s foreign ministry said it was insinuating against them. “Pakistan categorically rejects the highly irresponsible and gratuitous comments made by the Indian Foreign Minister in Vadodara, India, insinuating Pakistan’s alleged involvement in international terrorism,” Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

“Pakistan is the only country to have held back the tide of terror by elements and states with hostile motives,” it added. These comments contradict successive UN reports on terrorism and evidence India has presented to the world stage regarding Pakistan’s terror module.

India, meanwhile, had maintained that it wants normal neighborly relations with Pakistan. India’s consistent stance is that the two countries should be resolved bilaterally and peacefully, in an atmosphere free of terror and violence.

It is up to Pakistan to create such a favorable environment. Pakistan continues to support cross-border terrorism against India; restrict normal human-to-human trade, connectivity and exchanges; and engage in hostile and fabricated propaganda to defame India.

As a result of proactive engagement with the international community, India has successfully thwarted Pakistan’s misguided attempts to paint an alarming picture of the situation in the region and interfere in India’s internal affairs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) according to its annual report.

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