LIC launches Dhan Sanchay Savings Plan; check premiums, benefits & more details

New Delhi: Investing is a lifelong affair. People are looking for an investment plan that will allow them to get a safe, secure and maximum return to preserve their retired life. It is an uphill battle to figure out where to invest as there are many investment options available in the market. Are you also planning to invest, but don’t know where to invest?

Here is the one stop destination of your curiosity. Let’s take a look at such a plan. LIC will continue to offer customer arrangements from time to time. Life Insurance Corporation of India has launched a new insurance policy called Dhan Sanchay Saving Plan. The investors can invest in the scheme from 14 June.

Under the policy, the family receives financial support during the term of the policyholder’s death. It also provides guaranteed income during the payout period after the policy’s maturity date. In addition, guaranteed final benefits are also paid.


The term varies from 5 years to a maximum of 15 years.

Benefits of LIC Dhan Sanchay Savings Plan

In addition to the fixed income benefits, it also offers increased income benefits, single-premium income benefits and a single plan benefit. You can also use a loaner track and buy riders.

Options of the Dhan Sanchay Savings Plan

LIC has launched four options in the plan. Under Plan A and B, Sum Assured cover of Rs 3.30,000 upon death. There is also a minimum insured cover of Rs 250,000 under Plan C and a minimum insured cover of Rs 22,000,000 upon death under Plan D. The maximum premium limit has not been set for these plans.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum subscriber age for the policy must be 3 years, while 50 years for option A and option B, 65 years for option C and a maximum of 40 years for option D. Accord, you can invest in this between the ages of 3 to 40 years.

How to buy the policy?

If you want to use the LIC Dhan Sanchay policy, you can buy both offline through agents/other intermediaries and directly online by visiting

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